The Top 4 Attractions to See at a Fall Fair

If you’re thinking of going to a fall fair and expecting to get fun-filled experiences from it, then you’re in luck! Fall fairs are basically a great way to enjoy the season. And it’s not only because of the games and other fun activities you should be doing. There are also attractions that are worth looking at.

From the unique to the exciting, there’s always something in store for you when you come to a fall fair. Sure enough, there are staple attractions you can marvel at, even if it isn’t already your first time!


Forget about theme parks. There are tons of rides you will definitely enjoy at a fall fair. But let’s not focus too much on carousels and bumper cars. There are also rollercoasters and pendulum rides that can really raise the hairs on the back of your neck. There’s also a tunnel of love where you and your partner can enjoy an intimate moment together. If you don’t have much of a romantic side, there’s always a horror-themed ride that will surely satisfy your taste for the macabre.


A fall fair is no doubt the best place to pig out on snacks and sugary treats. One thing’s for sure, there are food stalls that sell experimental snacks that will surely satisfy your craving for something sweet, from  ice cream waffles to chocolate burritos. As an added tip, try out food you haven’t tried before. Surprise yourself so you can definitely make the most out of the gastronomic experience you will be getting from a fall fair.


Aside from agriculture, fall fairs are also where cheap antiques are sold. If you’re planning to redecorate your home by giving it a more rustic look, then go out and buy some ages-old furniture that’s still in good condition. Sure enough, you will find the best deals.

Car shows

Living life in the fast lane? Then, a car show at a fall fair will definitely hook you up to the best rides in the whole of Ontario. Be sure to check out the best builds and see if you can do a better job at modifying your ride.

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