If you’re looking to have a good time this fall, look no further than the province of Ontario. For sure, it’s place to be when it comes right down to experiencing the best that the season has to offer. With its accommodating populace and vibrant culture, Ontario is basically everyone’s favorite destination for fun in the fall season.

Fall fairs have always been an excellent feature of the season. There, residents and tourists can enjoy a whole hosts of activities and events that are truly memorable. There are games and events that are great for all ages. It’s only a matter of choosing the activities that best suit your preferences.

Here are a few events you may encounter in an Ontario fall fair.

Vendor exhibits

Fall fairs basically offer farmers and other producers with an avenue to promote their products. If you think you have an interest in gardening and agriculture in general, you may want to spend time at showcases. From gardening equipment to seeds and saplings, you can find everything you need to nurture that green thumb of yours.

Tech demos

As much as they are old-fashioned, fall fairs are also a great way to search for new pieces of tech in the field of agriculture. The technological revolution has become so prevalent that organizers of fall fairs will need to accommodate developers of agricultural tech. That being said, you will definitely find nifty inventions you can adopt.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a fair without games such as Bobbing for Apples and other beloved carnival games that people of all ages will enjoy. Plus, you can get a chance to take home amazing prizes.

Pet shows

If you love dogs and cats, then fall fairs are definitely the place to go. You can watch thorough bred pets strut their stuff and do clever tricks. Think your furry friend is up to the challenge? You can have him or her enter a pet show. If everything goes well, you can win cash prizes, trophies or medals, as well as bragging rights!


Other than pet shows, there are also contests you can enter for a chance to win nifty prizes. From eating chili to carrying logs, there are challenges you can take that will test your willpower. Still, you will need all the preparation you can get to dominate the contests of your choice.


If you’re more the adventurous type, you may as well watch rodeos and monster truck derbies that offer oodles of fun and excitement for the whole family. Indeed, nothing beats having to watch large trucks run over sedans like they’re made of aluminum. For sure, you might want to go look forward to next year’s fall fair.