Fall has to be one of the most important seasons in Ontario. It’s not just because it serves as the transitory period to the holiday season, but also because of the many events that can excite residents and tourists.

One thing’s for sure, fall fairs are always a great way to enjoy the season. It’s during these events that farmers from across the province showcase their produce. Fall fairs also offer wholesome activities that you and your family can enjoy.

This is the main reason why Ontario Fall Fair was established in the first place. The province alone has over 215 annual fairs, so it’s best that people are kept informed of the events they should be joining.

This site offers complete resources on fall fairs for each town in the province. Here you will find historical information as well as news on fairs.  Moreover, the site includes an interactive database containing a list of all fall fairs you can attend.

What’s in store?

The site contains relevant details on the most important events that fit you and your family’s needs. You can find information on dates, activities, and other details that can give you the best the Ontario has to offer.

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